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Wearable Art

Wildflower Woven Designs celebrates the mindful and time intensive creation of one-of-a-kind finely woven art pieces for home, public and personal adornment. 


Aesthetic principles of asymmetry, simplicity and wabi-sabi, fused with whimsical deconstruction in design and process are joyful and identifiable statements within each woven piece.  


Each piece begins with a single hand-warped fiber sequence of 100’s of sustainable and often hand-dyed textural threads meticulously threaded and beamed on a multiple harness floor loom.  Foot-treadling patterns combined with shuttles of weft advance the hand-manipulated design in a fusion of color and texture.


For the thoughtful seeker of fine handcrafted works, this means a wise investment in a completely unique garment of finely woven sustainable materials, handcrafted for a lifetime of adornment.

Sustainable warp and weft fibers include:

linen, silk, bamboo, wool, merino, alpaca, tencel, cotton, hemp and sugarcane.

Other fibers can include:  found, recycled, natural, paper, metals and leather. 

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